27 July 2016

Guild and Raiding Rules

Guild and Raiding Rules

Guild and Raiding Rules

  • Show respect for your fellow guild mates. We are first of all a group of friends and plan to stay that way – Treat other players as you would want to be treated: with RESPECT!;
  • Don’t expect other guild members to do everything for you. Having your hand held will only hurt you in the end, we won’t carry your character through the raids; especially if you’re a Trialist (but this applies to all Members including Officers), if we find you not coming fully prepared to raids (we expect you study the fights before joining a raid, and know inside out what your class is supposed to do in every situation), or the numbers you push are too low for more than 2 or 3 raids, you will be removed from the raid team;
  • You have been hired with a specific Spec for your Class, and we pretend you to keep it that way unless otherwise stated by your Class Officer or the Guild Master. If you change your spec without notice, you will also be removed from our raiding roster without notice;
  • Your actions are reflected on every member of the Guild – We don’t want a bad reputation with other players on the realm, so always play fair while partying with non guildies or when you join PuGs – If we are reported evidence of bad behaviour towards others, you will be removed from the Guild;
  • We are a Social Guild – We do hire people and give them a chance to show their skills and merge with our “Family”. But we also remove people without hesitation if we realize they’re drama queens, unmannered kids, or in any case not behaving in civil manners. Being in Pendulum means you’re a grown-up, and as such you must behave like one in all senses;
  • We want a friendly and clean environment, thus if you’re some kind of loot-whore of some sort, you will have a very short life here; you are in a team, and must act as a team player, not care about loot. Our aim as a Guild is not to gear your toon up, but to progress as a Team;
  • ALL Members ranked Trialist or above MUST NOT save themselves / get loot-locked in PuGs for raids which are latest content. As a Raider of the guild, you are expected TO RAID with the guild, and getting yourself loot-locked will only create troubles. For this reason, if you’re found not being able to raid in the Official Guild Lock-Out for more than two times during your stay in the Guild, you will be removed from the Raid Team and demoted;
  • In order to guarantee a raid continuity while pleasing the individual needs of each one of us, the Guild is conceived to function by using a Roster of at least 35 Raiders. This in turn means that, if all 35 Raiders would ideally be online at raid times, and the spots for the raid are 25, then 10 people would need to “warm” the bench. While this almost never happens (we prefer Raiders to miss a raid, rather than showing up and playing really bad or not coming prepared) as we usually have 4 to 5 AFKs every raid, we do expect that if you’re chosen to sit on the bench (we would of course be fair in the rotation), you would still be available to join the Raid as a backup during the Official Raiding hours – but more importantly, we expect no complaints about warming the bench. As already mentioned, being a drama queen or behaving childish in general, will get you removed from the raid team and demoted rather quickly.

AFK Rules – Miss raids and be respected!

Your puppy just had an “accident” on your new carpet. The baby woke up. Work is on the phone. The fireworks factory behind your house is on fire. AFK!

Real life happens! No one should begrudge a member who needs to go AFK for legitimate reasons. However, there are some basic rules to follow when they are necessary, as well as basic steps we can take to prevent unnecessary AFKs.

  1. If you have a legitimate / emergency reason to go AFK during a raid, you are required to provide the following information to your Class Officer (or Raid Leader if Class Officer is not around):

    Hi <your relevant officer>, sorry but I must AFK because [whatever reason if you want to add it, but not mandatory] and it should take no longer than [whatever amount of time – mandatory!].

  2. If you must AFK for a period of time longer than 10 minutes, it would be appreciated if you could ask (before you leave) for a replacement. Unless you’re on an Emergency, you would then be replaced from the raid ONLY as soon as a replacement has been identified and is ready to join the instance;
  3. There are raid members who consistently tend to go AFK. Whether they have run out of alcohol, are interested in a TV show or have frequent urges to get up and move around, they hold up a run. The following steps should help you minimize AFK time:
    • Make sure you have enough time for a specific encounter;
    • If you have real life responsibilities, be sure that you have either completed them, or can put them off until the run/raid is complete;
    • Get yourself a beverage and/or snack before you begin;
    • If something else has your interest (a book, movie, etc), either decline the calendar invitation or be sure you are willing to put it aside before you begin an instance.
  4. Whatever is the reason for you to go AFK, just bear in mind that we will not tolerate it if you tend to go AFK a lot. Slacking will be closely monitored, and after a few instances, you will be removed from the Raid Team and demoted.

Attending Raids

  1. Being AFK from time to time (but not too often) is very acceptable and part of Real Life – we’re a Casual raiding guild and respect that. Being AFK most of the times is not, since we only raid 6 hours per week and cannot afford basing our raid team on people being constantly AFK;
  2. You are recruited because we need you as a player, not because we want one more person to constantly post AFK on our Forums (or even worse, not show up to raids without even informing). If you are applying to the guild, make sure you can attend raids. If you cannot, you will still be welcome, but you will not be part of our “Core Team” (we will prioritize giving a raid spot to players who are commited towards those that are not).

Raiding Rules

  • Be FULLY prepared to join the raid BEFORE it is time to start (19.45) and be outside the raid. That means have potions, food, water, and any other consumable/buffs you may need ready and in your inventory well before the raid starts. Also make sure to be FULLY repaired. We won’t stop or hold a raid just so you can get ready;
  • You must be available for 2 nights per week (19:45 – 23:00) for many many many wipes;
  • You tolerate verbal abuse and authority;
  • You are expected to be ON TIME to the raids, being late only slows down the raid and ruins it for everybody else. If you cannot attend due to real life circumstances give a notice to your relevant Class Officer;
  • Be prepared to give up your spot in a Raid, if your DPS/Healing etc. is low, or the class balance for an encounter is wrong (i.e. need more DPS etc.). We absolutely want no drama in this regard, and we won’t tolerate people that don’t respect this rule;
  • Stay awake and on the ball, no slacking or ninja AFKing while raiding;
  • Do not talk/yell/chat on TS DURING A BOSS FIGHT, you will be subject to be removed from the raid, so please keep TS quiet. Only the Raid Leader and people designated to call stuff during a fight, are allowed to talk. Saying stuff like “HEAL ME, HEAL ME QUICK CMON” or “FFS MOVE AWAY FROM THERE NOW” will get you a warning, and if you continue you will just be removed from the Raid;
  • Wipe Recovery: We do expect quick recovery times on wipes. If you really need to take a BIO break, do it during a wipe, but not before a pull. If you keep taking too many “breaks”, you will be replaced.

Everyone is required to be flasked up and well-fed for the full raid duration

So, you’ve got a Trial Spot in the guild huh… Congratz

Here’s all things you need to know:

  1. Your trial period will last from 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how well you perform and other factors. We will obviously tip you during your Trial period as to how you’re performing in our eyes; this period can be cut to 1 day or less if you’re a drama queen or any other such type of person;
  2. It is of utmost importance to read the forums VERY often. We communicate through the forums a lot, and although sometimes they can be dead, it’s our first source of information for team progress. Therefore, being a new member of our team, we require you to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news from the guild (whether it be Boss Tactics, General communications or Drama or whatever) – it is important for new Trialists to understand that we deal with any eventual issue / drama raising exclusively outside of raiding hours on our Forums, hence please do keep TS quiet and if you have any issues, delay them to after the raid or write on the forums;
  3. If you’re a Trial and you have read till here, you should be good to go. But reading it once again, just to make sure that you didn’t misunderstand anything will be important, to avoid unfortunate happenings during our joyful evenings.. oh and by the way, the “tip” you need to submit your apply is bananas :);
  4. As a Trialist, and during your Trialist period, you’re not allowed to miss ANY raids; missing any raids will just shed bad light on you, and will ultimately lead to you not passing your Trialist period. We do understand everyone has IRL, but we appreciate if people applying to the guild have enough time to commit for the guild 100% at least during their trialist period. If you cannot do this, don’t bother wasting each other’s time; ATTENDANCE is one of the most important factor that will ultimately lead to a promotion or demotion, since we need to evaluate you; Unless you have a life or death emergency impelling on you, we will most likely not tolerate slacking during your Trialist period.

TLDR – Our Guild and Raiding rules summed up in 10 points

  1. You’re hired with a Main toon and spec. You are not allowed to change your Main toon / Spec unless exceptionally authorized to do so by the Guild Management;
  2. Come prepared to raids – have any consumable you need ready, any add-ons required installed, and more importantly be acquainted with all tactics required;
  3. Be a professional yet friendly and patient raider. Do not bring drama or bad reputation to our Guild; Be ready for hours of wipes. Be mannered and open minded;
  4. Tolerate verbal abuse and authority (we’re humans, not angels) – The Raid Leader is the Leader during raids. We must all do what he says, no matter if you think it’s right or wrong;
  5. Do not join PuGs raiding the most recent content, unless authorized to do so by the Guild Management;
  6. Avoid going AFK during raids. If you have an emergency and you really have to go AFK, whisper an Officer or try to do so while we’re having a break;
  7. We rotate raid spots. You are comfortable with sitting out a raid from time to time, in order to allow every other guild member to have a chance in the raids or when we need another class/player to join the raid;
  8. During raids, do not talk/yell/chat on TS DURING A BOSS FIGHT, you will be subject to be removed from the raid, so please keep TS quiet. Only the Raid Leader and people designated to call stuff during a fight, are allowed to talk;
  9. During raids, we expect QUICK wipe recovery – When we wipe, unless otherwise told by the Raid Leader for mass ress purposes, quickly release and run back to the instance;
  10. Your attendance must not drop below 70% at all times.

You’re required to download, install and keep updated before every raid all Add-Ons as per below:

Mandatory Add-Ons:

Angry Assignments
Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs (doesn’t matter which one as long as you got one installed)


Guild Master: Domainos
Raid Leader: Zespri
Melee Officer : Domainos (pro-tempore)
Ranged Officer : Domainos (pro-tempore)

GM Wife : Littlefoot