2 September 2016

Loot Rules

As you know, the Officers have been striving a lot lately, to work on a new Loot Distribution method to be launched in parallel with the launch of the new Legion expansion, since the DKP system is clearly outdated and inefficient.

The main reason for this change is the need to allow for quicker distribution, and possibly more efficient loot allocation that would benefit the guild as a whole, and not the individuals.

For this reason, we have come up with a Loot Council based model, which we will implement starting the with the first raid we will hold in Legion.

The 4 golden rules and criteria that will be applied for the distribution of loot will be as follows:

  1. The loot council is composed of the Guild Officers (Raid Leader, Melee, Healer and Ranged officers, GM);
  2. Raids are run with Master Loot on, and one member of the loot council is given control;
  3. When items drop from a boss, or an epic from trash, it is linked in raid and everyone that is interested must announce so in the Raid Chat. A last call warning is given from the loot council and then it will be discussed;
  4. The loot council then discusses who should get the item and why according to the following criteria
  • Their place in the guild (for example the main tank over an off tank);
  • The improvement over their current gear (we will use an add-on to track this);
  • What is best for the guild, team wise;
  • How often they attend raids compared to the others interested, and how efficient and prepared the raider is;
  • How many drops they have gotten recently;
  • Their other contributions to the guild, if any.

The gear is then given to the person that the loot council awards it to and the group moves on.

Vanity and Cosmetic items (pets, mounts etc.) will be raid rolled, and to be eligible to win you must have a rank of Raider or superior.

No public complaints are allowed after distribution, all discussion must be with a loot council member in private and possibly during a break, in order to not disrupt the clearing of the raid. People complaining in public during the raid will risk being removed from the raid. No exceptions.

As with any loot system, or almost anything in the game, drama will ensue since people are involved. There are several things that we will do to minimize drama though. A few of the basic things to keep in mind are outlined below:

  1. You as a raider need to understand the end goal of this Loot Distribution System. The end goal of a loot council is to distribute loot for the improvement of the guild, not of the individuals. That is something you must always keep in mind when raiding with us. You need to understand that at times that will mean one person potentially getting a lot of gear in a row, and at other times none;
  2. I will try and explain point 1. with an example: Let’s imagine that our guild lost a key DPS cloth player and replaced him/her with a known good player, but that player was under geared. This could result in that player being given several of the next cloth DPS drops even though other DPS players wanted them and haven’t gotten a drop lately. Even though another player wanted it, it is better for the guild to have all their DPS functioning at a high level. The gear may make a 15 DPS difference to our existing players, but a 100 DPS difference to the new player.
  3. Keep in mind that even though the rules are fairly open, and it is possible to grant all the gear that drops, the two key things to remember are: what is fair, and what is best for the guild;
  4. We will try to explain any decision rationally and with the logic that went into the choice to award loot to a player. The simplest way to counter a complaint from a player that did not get gear is to explain clearly why the other player got it. The complaining player may not like the decision, but if it is clear and logical then they have no choice but to accept it.

We believe this shall work efficiently and guarantee that loot is indeed assigned to players who will benefit the most from the upgrade.

We will closely monitor the situation and the efficiency of this new system as time goes on, and we may amend/update this page accordingly, should we notice that the system is not working as we intended.