27 July 2016

About Us

The History of Pendulum starts in 2008 on the realm Kul’Tiras EU, where the guild was founded. Later on, in 2011 on Kazzak. It all started with a core of experienced adult raiders who wanted a social environment with a commitment to raiding. It was during the “Burning Crusade” expansion, where we managed to clear Black Temple first, and then started clearing the first 5 in Sunwell before WoTLK.

History of Pendulum


As already mentioned, we started playing WoW together in the Burning Crusade. Eventually our old realm was dead, and we moved to Kazzak in 2011, where we rebuilt the guild.

We used to raid 3 days per week, but we decided to cut down the raiding time to 2 days per week, as many of us unfortunately don’t have too much time to play the game anymore. We’re now a casual guild, based on the social aspect of the game, and raid, having fun together, as a result of our friendship.


You would choose Pendulum if you’re looking for a truly social guild with an attitude to relaxed yet efficient raiding! If you are going to rage out after a few wipes, or when our team is going through a terrible nights and lack progress (it happens), then we are not the place for you.

This doesn’t mean we slack or that we tolerate slacking. BUT, we are not a place for over emotional, arrogant, leet type players either. Above all, respect for our fellow guildies and community is what our guild is based and will always be based on. We raid with the aim of experiencing everything WoW has to offer, without the neckbreaking attitude, speed and pressure that we have seen cause burn out and problems for other guilds in the name of “progress”. Learn and keep trying until we get the damn boss down!

Our aim is to recruit players who enjoy the game for what it is (a Video-Game), and fully commit to the only 6 hours per week raiding we perform.


  • We use Loot Council based System (using RC LootCouncil add-on to distribute loot);
  • Raiding days: Thursday and Sunday;
  • Raiding times: 19:45 through 23:00 Server Time (Raid Invites at 19.45, 1ST Pull at 20.00, 10 minutes break at 21.20);
  • We use Team-Speak!.


  • 2 Days per week raids (Thursday and Sunday), from 19.45 through 23.00;
  • Only 6 hours per week official raiding – that means plenty of time to spend for your studies, for your family, for your kids or for your fiancee;
  • ALT raids (happening in an unorganized manner, in unofficial days and NOT mandatory);
  • Stability and a well organised and structured environment for raiding with clear and transparent policies and rules;
  • Discord Voice Server;
  • Guild Web-Site and Forums;
  • Live Streams and Videos of the guild during raids;
  • Warcraft Logs for every official raid;


  • You must be a motivated, active and enthusiastic player, and you must know your class inside out, with a strong willingness to learn and of course plenty of patience and wipes;
  • A minimum of ilvl 875+ Gear (for raiding positions), although we will evaluate everyone interested on a case by case basis. We believe in the old school motto: Skillz > Gear!;
  • You will be asked to “bench out” of the raid when particular raid setups is required (should the raid team require a different class/spec balance), or simply because we feel you are having a bad day and not playing well, or simply for rotational purposes – we expect you to not complain about decisions taken by officers, which in any case will always be compliant with the guild policies you have accepted when applying for our guild.

If any of this sounds like your cup of tea then please feel free to make an application, or for more information, feel free to have a talk with us in-game:

GM: Domainos
Healing Officer and Raid Leader: Zespri
Ranged Officers: Vacant
Melee Officer: Vacant

We are strictly an over 18+ Guild – this is not negotiable.